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AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee

Every vehicle supplied by RDM Direct Ltd can be covered by a comprehensive AA warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee. There are three levels of protection available – 3 Star and 5 Star and Gold Cover. If you would like to find out more, please call us on 01283 515 136.

You can also find full details of the terms & conditions, parts covered, and other useful information in the document linked below:



All vehicles sold by RDM Direct Ltd are guaranteed to be delivered as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. If you would like to extend this guarantee beyond the delivery of the vehicle in order to avoid any unexpected repair costs, we can assist with an AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee.

Extended Guarantees can be purchased to cover a range of repairs to your vehicle over a period of time that you specify. The guarantees come in three varieties: Three Star cover, which offers cover for most common repairs, Five Star cover, which is more comprehensive and Gold Cover.

The guarantees cover the cost of repairs due to failed components that are listed by the policy up to an agreed claim limit for your vehicle. A component will not be deemed to have failed if it has become faulty due to normal wear and tear, although no claims will be rejected due to wear and tear if the car is less than five years old or has covered fewer than 60,000 miles.
In most cases, Three Star cover will contribute towards repairs to the engine’s internal mechanical components, the gearbox, clutch, differential, steering and suspension, prop shaft and drive shafts. There are some exclusions, such as damage to the gaiters on the steering, drive and prop shafts, cracks to engine cylinder liners and breakdowns caused by a contaminated fuel supply.

Any fluids that need to be replaced due to a relevant component failure or repair will be covered by the guarantee. Hotel or rail expenses incurred due to a breakdown caused by the failure of a relevant component are also covered by the guarantee. Replacement vehicle hire will also be covered up to a cost of £50 a day if the repair to your vehicle takes more than 24 hours.

Five Star cover includes all of the above plus the radiator, heater matrix, more of the electrical system (including the Engine Management System), power steering and hybrid or electric vehicle components.

We understand that our customers need to stay mobile. Why not give us a call and discuss how we can help ensure that breakdowns won’t keep you off the road.